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I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw this. (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)  for the punk!harry and flowerchild!niall anon

"Niall… I’ve loved you since we were little kids. Playing in that stupid sandbox in your mum’s backyard. I love you even if you like dumb pop songs and like to wear flowers in your hair."



"If I say ‘I love you too’, will you shut up?"



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Grimmy: I reckon Harry’s the creepiest one, he looks like Tim Burton drew him. (R1 Breakfast Show, 17/9/14)

(drawn for stupidgorgeousbritishboys because she asked very nicely, hope you like it dear!)

also p.s. yeah this all makes sense and nick has a valid point, fine, BUT. yknow who looks even more burtonesque? like there’s this guy who’s on the radio in the mornings, with the hair, can’t recall his name. is it….grimey? ah i forget, but he’s a bit like them pots who like to cALL KETTLES BLACK

Harry Styles parties at Warwick in Hollywood after attending Coldplay concert - September 17, 2014.

September 16th ‘14

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